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ABM-14 | Pipe and Plate Beveling Machine

ABM-14 is a beveling machine designed to mill plates and pipes made of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloys.

Key Features :

  • In just one single run the machine can bevel up to 12 mm (1/2”) width.
  • Maximum bevel width is 14 mm (9/16’’). Depending on materials two or more runs are needed.
  • The machine can bevel plates from top and bottom.
  • Two optional ergonomic trolleys are available to make operator’s work more effective and comfortable.
  • Using an additional vertical roller guide ABM-14 can bevel concave edges if curvature radius is 1500 mm or larger.

Benefits :

  • Bevels both small and large pieces to cover most of the common applications for its type.
  • Auto feed on large plates with optional trolleys.
  • Beveling of lower edge in inverted position.
  • Standard shearing cutter for machining stainless/alloyed steel.
  • 2 optional shearing cutters dedicated to carbon steel and to aluminum.
  • Reversible spindle against stuck milling tool.
  • Versatile and transportable on its own trolleys.
  • Low noise.
  • Possibility to bevel concave edges.
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