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PROMOTECH INDIA – Indian subsidiary of Promotech was incorporated on Feb 2017 with registered office in New Delhi and branch offices in Chennai, Bangalore & Pune. Who we are as an organization is a direct result of people we have employed and the atmosphere we have created in our workplace, which in turn reflects the core values, culture, vision and the mission of our company. Over the past three years, we have established a wide network of distributors in India, and till the end of this year, we aim to expand our network to more cities.

Promotech offers comprehensive range of professional Plate and Pipe beveling Machines, Welding and Cutting Carriages/Tractors, Rail drilling machines, Magnetic Drilling Machine, Hydraulic punchers, MIG/MAG and SAW welding, Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, pipe shape cutting, tailored for structural steel fabricators, heavy machinery manufacturers and shipyards. Promotech India is a strong team of experienced people, trained to support customers with commendable installations, after-sales services, selection of suitable product to match customer requirement and application to get best productivity and quality.


30 years experience in industry

We are innovation driven world class manufacturer of professional power tools, welding automation equipment and industrial systems for metalworking industry.

Next-Gen Technology Provider

Promotech is ISO 9001:2015 certified modern plant, constantly implementing the latest and most advanced technological design and manufacturing processes.

Customer Oriented

Our main priority is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We get it done on your schedule, not ours.

Experienced Team

Team of experts collaborate to manufacture best in class products and services to our clients.

Award-wining customer service

We provide timely, attentive, upbeat service to clients, and make sure their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on the company.

Premium Industry Machines

Promotech offers comprehensive range of professional Rail drilling machines, Hydraulic punchers, pipe and plate bevellers, Welding and Cutting Tractors, custom-made solutions.

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Benefits of Welding Carriages

Improves Welding Quality

Regulated precise speed and path control Maintains proper torch angle and standoff

Reduces Material Handling

Portable machine can be carried to the work piece. Can work in all position.

Improves Worker’s Environment

Removes workers from smoke and heat. Reduces repetitive stress.

Decreases Consumables Expense

Eliminates over welding and wasted electrode. Requires less operator skill

Reduces distortion

Regulated travel speed creates uniform heat input.

Increases production

Replaces operators hands Continuous welding without stopping.

Benefits of Pipe Bevelling

Accurate and consistent root face

This ensures the correct fit-ups and consistent root gap and no mismatch.

Fused Bevelled surface

It avoids possible contamination on the surface to be fused during welding causing the weld defects.

Improves Worker’s Environment

Removes workers from smoke and heat. Reduces repetitive stress.

Benefits of Plate Bevelling

Elimination of HAZ

Cold Bevelling eliminates the heat input and thermal stresses and improves weldability.

Minimum Operator Skills

Automatic bevelling machines are very easy to operate and eliminates human skills.

Accurate Bevel Angle

Ensure optimum weld metal deposition. Reduced heat input, which ensure minimum distortion.

Benefits of Drilling


The process by which a machine cuts a piece of material by rotating a cutter head and advancing the cutter into the workpiece.


The act of cutting a hole inside the thread, so that you can screw or bolt something into the hole. It’s also used to make a thread on nuts.


Drilling is the process that uses a drill bit to make holes in solid materials.


A form of forming that involves using a punch press/puncher machine to create a hole in the workpiece via shearing.

ABM14 - beveling machine

We can take your business to the next level

ABM-14 is a beveling machine designed to mill plates and pipes made of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloys.

Trolley with machine rotation

  • One man operation
  • Easy positioning for top and bottom beveling
  • Height adjustment from 600 mm to 1000 mm

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