Welding & Cutting Carriage/Tractors

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Welcome to Promotech India’s Product Category for Welding and Cutting Carriage Tractors. We offer a wide range of welding automation solutions to meet your industrial needs. Our products are designed to enhance efficiency and precision in welding and cutting processes. Experience the future of welding and cutting automation with Promotech India. Our welding and cutting carriages are built to optimize the welding process, saving you time and resources.

1. Beam Welding Automation

Achieve superior welding results with our state-of-the-art beam welding automation solutions. Our GECKO system and Fillet Welding Carriage are engineered to deliver flawless welds with ease.

2. Welding Carriage Options

We provide a variety of welding carriages to suit your specific requirements. Choose from Automatic Welding Carriages, Portable Welding Carriages, and more, all designed to streamline your welding tasks.

Promotech India is committed to providing high-quality welding and cutting automation equipment to industries across India. Our products are built to meet the demands of modern manufacturing, ensuring consistency and reliability in your operations.

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