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Are you still struggling with a traditional corded drilling machine that limits your mobility and flexibility while working on different jobs? If you want to take your drilling game to the next level, upgrading to a PRO-36 Battery-Powered Cordless Drilling Machine could be the solution you need. This powerful tool is designed to provide you with the freedom to work without the restrictions of cords or wires. The PRO-36 offers a wide range of benefits for both amateur and professional drillers. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous advantages of upgrading to this advanced drilling machine and how it can make your work more efficient, effective, and enjoyable.

Cordless Drilling Machine PRO-36

The PRO-36 Battery-Powered Cordless Drilling Machine is the ultimate choice for individuals who require a powerful cordless drill that can effectively make holes with diameters of up to 36 mm in diverse materials like steel and concrete. This machine boasts of a robust motor that enables it to handle the most demanding drilling tasks with ease. It is also equipped with a durable battery that ensures it remains operational for lengthy periods before requiring recharging, making it ideal for use by professionals who value their time. Moreover, the PRO-36 drilling machine has the capability to drill holes of up to 12 mm using twist drill bits, making it versatile for various applications. Its cordless design eliminates the limitation of power cords, making it portable and convenient for use in all types of workspaces. Get your PRO-36 Battery-Powered Cordless Drilling Machine today and experience precision drilling like never before!

Features and Benefits:-

  1. LED Monitoring System indicates the current condition of the drill and gives safety information.
  2. LED interface flashes green when inadequate adhesion is detected due to e.g. gap or thin workpiece.
  3. Dual bars guide system ensures extraordinary stiffness and adjustment-free operation.
  4. Overload protection.
  5. Tilt sensor stops the motor if the machine breaks away.
  6. Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC) provides maximum holding power on thin materials.
  7. Energy Saving Base(ESB) uses only 50% of its power when the motor is not running.
  8. Innovative smart magnet with reduced weight.
Pro 36 blog

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

The PRO-36 Battery-Powered Cordless Drilling Machine is an innovative tool that has revolutionized the way drilling is done. This cordless drilling machine features a powerful motor that allows for efficient and productive drilling without the need for an external power source. With its lightweight and compact design, it is easy to carry around and use in any location. The PRO-36 Battery-Powered Cordless Drilling Machine increases efficiency and productivity by allowing for faster drilling, reducing downtime due to power cord tangles or unplugging, and eliminating the need for multiple power cords in tight spaces. Additionally, it has a long-lasting and rechargeable battery that provides uninterrupted drilling for extended periods, maximizing productivity. The PRO-36 Battery-Powered Cordless Drilling Machine is an essential tool for professionals who value speed, convenience, and precision in their work.

New control system of battery pack:

CAS uses the world’s most powerful battery pack system in the industry – from Metabo

This permits now a number of professional applications with battery packs – from standard to special tasks


  • 2-stage over-discharge battery protection system.
  • Extended battery life.
  • High level of safety for both cordless drill and operator.

Detection and supervised parameters:

  • Too low and too high power.
  • Too low and too high temperature.
  • Failure of the temperature sensor.
  • Internal battery failure.

The PRO 36 Battery is a cordless drill with a compact design and ease of use that makes it ideal for professionals and companies alike. The 36 mm diameter capacity is a unique feature that sets it apart from other cordless drills, making it an ideal choice for a range of drilling needs. Additionally, the low operational costs make it an affordable solution for any business looking to save money while still relying on a reliable and high-performance drilling machine.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, upgrading to a PRO-36 battery-powered cordless drilling machine is a game-changer for those who are serious about their craft. It offers a range of benefits, from increased mobility and flexibility to improved efficiency and effectiveness. By eliminating the restrictions of cords or wires, this powerful tool allows you to work in any environment and tackle any project with ease. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional driller, the PRO-36 is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. So why wait? Upgrade today and experience the freedom that only a cordless drilling machine can provide.

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