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BM-21S | Stainless steel plate and pipe beveling machine – Portable and economical machine

BM-21S beveller is dedicated to Stainless steel & Carbon steel Job beveling, in BM-21S a high-speed rotary wheel is milling the edge of the job by using tungsten carbide inserts. These inserts are square in shape due to which we can use all 4 sides of inserts by rotating them. To bevel these hard metal our machine is equipped with high watt and low rotational speed motor.

In many industries, people are still working with grinding machines on the edge preparation. The grinding process on hard material like stainless steel is a challenging task as it takes lot of time to bevel compared to the milling process. Dust from the grinding process is hazardous and can affect the health of people working on the shop floor and the uniformity of the edge preparation is another issue due to non-uniform bevel angle.

– By implementing a milling process for the edge preparation of Stainless steel and carbon steel, we can increase the productivity and the quality of edge preparation along with a healthy shop floor environment.

Promotech also manufactures AUTOMATIC Bevellers for S.S and C.S jobs.

Following are the major industries in which BM21S beveling machine is applicable.

  • Paper & Pulp Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment’s
  • Stainless & Steel
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Pipes and Cylinders
  • Dishend beveling

Key Features BM-21S

The machine enables to bevel sheet edges as well as pipe edges with diameters from 150 mm (6’’) to 300 mm (12’’) in 0–60° range with maximum bevel width of 21 mm (13/16’’). When equipped with an optional guide, BM-21S allows working on pipes with diameters over 300 mm (12’’).

  • low speed motor suitable for machining stainless steel
  • guide plate with guide rolls made of stainless steel
  • up to 21 mm bevel width at 45°
  • beveling angles adjusted continuously between 0 to 60°
  • new single milling head equipped with 10 square inserts makes the machining process far more efficient and much less operator fatiguing
  • fast and easy inserts exchange with no need for special adjustment
  • easy setting of bevel angle and bevel width
  • vibration insulation protects both the operator and electronics against vibration
  • one universal guide plate for beveling both plates and pipes
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