PRO-36RH | Petrol Motor Rail Drill Machine


Introducing The PRO-36RH rail drilling machine enables drilling in rails of any standard with two optional rail profile templates and one hole center positioner, to be chosen by customers from a comprehensive range of auxiliary accessories dedicated to a variety of types of rails. PRO-36RH can also be ordered with electric motor as PRO-36R.

Notable Features:

  • Powerful 4-stroke petrol motor enables drilling of holes up to 36 mm in diameter
  • Compact and lightweight rail drill
  • No need for electric supply means it is ideally suited for site work
  • Fast positioning, quick clamping and instant unlocking mechanisms make it easy to use and safe device
  • Pressure Coolant system including 5l bottle enables forced feeding of cooling medium in any drilling positions
  • Custom made positioners and templates to suit any required rail standards are available on request

Standard Shipping Set

  • Rail Drilling Machine
  • Metal Box
  • Pressure Coolant 5l Bottle Assembly
  • Set of Tools
  • Instruction Manual
  • Standard shipping weight – 40 kg (86 lbs 5 oz)

Introducing the PRO-36RH | Petrol Motor Rail Drill Machine

The PRO-36RH a very powerful rail drilling machine is compact and light weight equipped with petrol Honda 4-stroke engine for drilling in rails. Fast positioning, quick clamping and instant unlocking mechanisms make it easy to use and safe device. Say goodbye to cords and batteries as our cordless and petrol-powered rail drill machine offers unmatched convenience and mobility. With the PRO-36RH – rail track drilling machine, you get the best of both worlds – the power of a petrol motor combined with the freedom of a cordless design. Whether you need to drill tracks on railways or construction sites, this versatile machine handles it all with ease. No more worrying about battery life or power outlets; our Petrol Motor Rail Drill ensures uninterrupted drilling performance. Upgrade your rail drilling experience today with the PRO-36RH – the perfect choice for professionals seeking efficiency, reliability, and superior results.


Max Cutting Capacity

16 mm (5/8”) with Weldon shank 19 mm (3/4”)

Max Drilling Capacity


Max Depth of Cut



Product Specification

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Weight 12.5 kg