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(Gecko – Fillet Welding Carriage) Beam welding automation

Gecko is a portable fillet welder designed to produce consistent high-quality welds. Constant and repeatable travel speed enables weld bead geometry that is exact to the required specifications. Gecko HS with increased horizontal speed is suitable for both speed welding and plasma cutting.

Gecko Features

  • Gecko fillet welding trolly is dedicated for automatic box beam welding with two torches together for weld both side of web-flange welding.
  • We can weld box beam of width range 200 mm to 700 mm by welding carriage / welding trolly gecko with two torches together.
  • It can weld box beam wider than 700 mm with torch automatically. Gecko carriage can weld longer box beam (like 6mtr., 10mtr., 12mtr.) without any Start stop during the welding. Which increases the productivity and ensure uniform weld bead quality.
  • It’s is easy to operate which require a semi skilled operator to achieve the welding quality and productivity better than a skilled welder the welding.
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