Drilling Machines

Promotech is known for offering high-quality and light-weighted drilling machines that are reliable and efficient. Promotech’s drilling machines have been designed to cater to a wide range of drilling needs and are made of top-grade materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Apart from their functionality, Promotech’s drilling machines are also aesthetically appealing, making them a favorite amongst professionals and hobbyists alike. Whether you need a drilling machine for industrial purposes or DIY projects, Promotech has got you covered. From heavy-duty machines to lightweight ones for small tasks, the variety they offer is impressive. Promotech’s expertise in manufacturing drilling machines reflects in the design of their products, which are user-friendly, easy to operate, and provide precision drilling results. With Promotech’s drilling machines, you can expect superior performance, minimal downtime, and unmatched value for your money.

Heavy Automation

Promotech India is a leading provider of heavy automation machines in India. Our range of Heavy Automation Machines are designed with the latest technology and offer superior performance and reliability. We provide a wide range of machines for various industrial applications such as welding, cutting, grinding, and more. Promotech India’s machines are designed to handle the most demanding tasks with ease and accuracy. We also provide a wide range of custom-made machines to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Bevelling Machines

When selecting a beveling machine, it is important to consider the desired outcome and the type of material that needs to be cut. The type of beveling machine chosen will depend on the size, shape, and thickness of the material being cut. Promotech’s beveling machines are available in various sizes to accommodate different job sizes and shapes. Some bevelers are designed for creating straight edges, while others are better suited for creating curved edges.

Welding & Cutting Carriage/Tractors

When selecting a Welding & Cutting Carriage/Tractors, it is important to consider the desired outcome and the type of material that needs to be cut. The type of Welding & Cutting Carriage/Tractors chosen will depend on the size, shape, and thickness of the material being cut. Promotech India offers the best Welding & Cutting Carriage/Tractors made in European technology, and gives best results. 

Welding Positioners

Welding Positioner from Promotech India is a great option for those who want to buy welding positioner machines. These machines are used to position and hold the welding components in place during the welding process. They are highly efficient and provide precise welding results. The welding positioner machines in India come with a wide range of features such as adjustable speed, adjustable height, adjustable tilt, adjustable rotation and adjustable rotation speed. They are also equipped with a welding torch holder and a welding torch holder with a safety switch. These machines are also available in various sizes and configurations to suit the needs of different welding applications. They are easy to install and operate and provide reliable and efficient welding results.

Column and boom

The perfect solution for optimal performance, exceptional stability, and long-lasting durability. Our column range is designed to provide efficient load distribution while delivering outstanding payload capacity with minimal dynamic loads — ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects. With a wide variety of tensioning elements available, our columns can be customized according to your specific needs. Furthermore, boom-type constructions are also offered which feature an integrated swivel joint ensuring multi-directional movements without compromising on strength or stability.

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Clients Testimonials

We have been using welding tractors of Promotech from last 2 years. The products are robust and above all their support especially by Mr. Sehrawat have been exceptionally very good. We would highly recommend their products.

GVT Engg. (I) Pvt. Ltd

We are using Promotech Rail drill machines for last 3 years.We highly recommend Promotech products for its quality,ease of use and quick service response

Mr. Singh