PRO-72 | Two-Speed Drilling Machine


Introducing The PRO-72 is a powerful 2-speed mag drill enabling milling capacity up to 70 mm (2-3/4”) and drilling up to 25 mm (1”). Its rigid design extends tool life and semi-automatic gib adjustment enables simple, fast and correct operation to be done in a few easy steps. Thanks to innovative lightweight smart magnet PRO-72 weighs only 18,0 kg (40 lbs).

Notable Features:

  • Rigid casting designed to withstand downwards drilling force, prolonging the tool life
  • The motor stops when brushes are worn out (replace the brushes to restart the motor)
  • Semi-automatic gib adjustment enables simple, fast, correct and repeatable slide backlash settings without any expert knowledge or experience
  • Energy Saving Base (ESB) uses only 50% of its power when motor is not running
  • Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC) provides maximum holding power on thin materials
  • Magnetic Power Adhesion Control (MPAC) detects adhesive force of electromagnetic base and protects both the machine and the operator from work on too thin work piece

Standard Shipping Set

  • Drilling machine
  • Plastic box
  • Handle (3 pcs)
  • MT3 arbor with 19 mm (3/4”) Weldon tool holder
  • Safety strap
  • Cooling system
  • Protective spring for cooling hose
  • MT2 drift
  • 5 mm hex wrench with a handle
  • 4 mm hex wrench
  • 2.5 mm hex wrench
  • 8 mm combination wrench
  • Operator’s Manual

Introducing the PRO-72 | Two-Speed Drilling Machine

The PRO-72 provides maximum holding power on thin materials thanks to Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC).
The drill protects both the machine and the operator from work on too thin workpiece by means of Magnetic Power
Adhesion Control (MPAC).


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Weight 12.5 kg