PRO-152T | Heavy Duty Tapping and Drilling Machine


Introducing The PRO-152T mag drill enables milling capacity up to 150mm and drilling capacity up to 47 mm. Forward & reverse work modes allow tapping of through holes up to M42 and blind holes up to M33 with Promotech’s tapping system. Four speed gearbox with continuous speed adjustment allows to set optimal speed depending on diameter, steel grade or tool quality. Intelligent speed control system maintains constant motor speed regardless of changing loads, whereas both overload and overheat protection prevent misuse of the machine.

Notable Features:

  • Integral forward/reverse operation – ability to tap pre-drilled holes up to M42
  • 360-degree visual monitoring system indicates current condition of the drill and gives safety and diagnostic information e.g. worn brushes
  • Electronic Speed Stabilization System (ESSS) maintains stable speed regardless of load changes
  • Rigid casting designed to withstand downwards drilling force, prolonging the tool life
  • Tilt sensor – to stop the motor if the machine breaks away from the surface whilst in operation
  • Semi-automatic gib adjustment enables simple, fast, correct and repeatable slide backlash settings without any expert knowledge or experience
  • Energy Saving Base (ESB) uses only 50% of its power when motor is not running
  • Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC) provides maximum holding power on thin materials

Standard Shipping Set

  • Drilling machine
  • Metal box
  • Handle (3 pcs)
  • MT4 arbor with 19 mm (3/4”) Weldon tool holder
  • Safety strap
  • Cooling system
  • Protective spring for cooling hose
  • MT4 drift
  • 6 mm hex wrench
  • 5 mm hex wrench with a handle
  • 2.5 mm hex wrench
  • 8 mm combination wrench
  • Tool can
  • Locking connector (only in 115 V version)
  • Operator’s Manual

Introducing the PRO-152T | Heavy Duty Tapping and Drilling Machine

The PRO-152T drilling machine is designed for large hole making and very big tapping applications. Powerful variable speed motor enables milling capacity up to 150 mm (5-7/8”) and drilling capacity up to 47 mm (1-7/8”).


Max Cutting Capacity


Max Drilling Capacity


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Weight 12.5 kg