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PRO-60/110 HP | Portable Hydraulic Punching Machine

Portable, double-action hydraulic puncher is an easy to handle, modern metal hole punch designed for punching holes with diameter up to 27mm. Intelligent control system and automatic load detection ensure safe and fast metal hole punching. Optional accessories enable customization of work place and improve punching efficiency.

Key features

  • Double action – fully automated process of punching and return
  • Wide range of hole diameters up to 27mm
  • Modern construction
  • Intelligent control system with inching and automatic load detection
  • Mode indicator light
  • Protection against accidental start-up
  • Easy to handle in out-of-normal positions
  • All connecting ports located at the back
  • Wide range of special-shaped punches and dies
  • Patent pending compact moveable hydraulic power pack
  • Unique Gantry Punching Station increases both productivity and operator’s comfort
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